Thiagarajan Agro Products

A seed called TAPL was sowed in Madurai in 1977. That seed has grown into a multi-crore, multi-brand tree over the years, thanks to painstaking work of its two dynamic promoters – S Thiagarajan and M Ramesh. Since its inception as a small partnership firm, manufacturing natural edible oil , TAPL has witnessed colossal growth while maintaining the high values and ethics we were born and brought up with.

While TAPL is steeped in old-fashioned values, our manufacturing has always been cutting-edge. We have constantly strived to update our knowledge base in core business and we pride in our superior sourcing network, superlative manufacturing prowess and skilled logistics. These are the strengths that have helped us venture into a range of products.

We wish to stand steadfast in our commitment to providing impeccable quality to our customers, incredible service to our partners and increasing delight to all concerned.

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